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High-quality bridge  Compatible with post spacings from 74.0 - 74.5 mm Adjustable... more

High-quality bridge 

Compatible with post spacings from 74.0 - 74.5 mm

Adjustable for height, intonation and string spacing

Low-friction roller saddles for excellent tuning stability – perfect for Bigsby™* vibratos

Comes with 2 different type saddle rollers to suit tone and string bending requirements: wide flat rollers for low strings and tight U-shaped for high strings.

Saddles are from brass

Slant angle to be determined by guitarmaker based on scale length and string gauge.

non-reverse: intonations screws show to the pickups
reverse: intonations screws show to the tailpiece

(*Les Paul is a protected trademark owned by Gibson Musical Instruments Corporation

Bigsby is a protected trademark owned by Fred Gretsch Enterprises).


technical specification

distance height adjustment screws 74 - 74,5mm, string spacing E-e 48,5 - 57,5mm, string spacing individual 9,7 - 11,5mm, string radius 12" (rollers set in for narrow/close string spacing) 14" (rollers set out for wide string spacing); still playable if required for fretboards max. 10-16 inches, depending on the setting of the rollers max. inside or outside; minimal G/d string height above body 12,5mm, maximum string gauge 52, weight 58g (90g with accessories), for lefty: yes, but note the built-in angle and position of the intonation screws.


scope of supply

2 press-in bushings M7 with 2 height-adjustment screws M5 (metric).

For other press-in bushings and height-adjustment screws please see under Bridges/ Replacement Kits and order additionally.


technical drawings (without engagement)

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