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Schaller GTM – high-quality Tune-O-Matic bridge  Compatible with post spacings... more

Schaller GTM – high-quality Tune-O-Matic bridge 

  • Compatible with post spacings from 74.0 - 74.5 mm
  • Features special retainer springs to prevent bridge rattle or string buzz
  • Saddles supplied without preconfigured string grooves/notches allowing for individual string spacing
  • File the grooves/notches yourself depending on the desired shape and the string spacing of the fretboard
  • Saddles are from brass
  • Slant angle to be determined by guitarmaker based on scale length and string gauge.

Two models available (please select in the product configurator):

  • non-reverse: intonations screws point to the pickups
  • reverse: intonations screws point to the tailpiece

(*Les Paul is a protected trademark owned by Gibson Brands, Inc.)

Technical specifications

  • Distance height adjustment screws: 74 - 74.5 mm
  • String spacing (E-e): 52.5 mm
  • String radius: 12″ - 14″, depending on the notching of the string saddles, more inside (12″) or outside (14″), in extreme cases still playable for fretboards from 10″ - 16″; minimal G/d string height above body 13.7 mm,
  • Weight: 53 gram, 70 gram with accessories)
  • Special feature: also suitable for lefthanded models

Scope of supply

  • 2 x press-in bushings M7
  • 2 x height-adjustment screws M5 (metric)

You can find further press-in bushings and height-adjustment screws under » replacement kits for bridges.

PDF file download (technical drawing without engagement)