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Guitar Bridge GTM powered by KTS

Guitar Bridge GTM powered by KTS
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Schaller GTM bridge powered by KTS saddles (KTS PR-06) Titanium - very light, durable,... more

Schaller GTM bridge powered by KTS saddles (KTS PR-06)

  • Titanium - very light, durable, resistant to corrosion and chemical agents, and with a very sweet yet detailed, highly musical tone 
  • Expect longer sustain, clearer note separation, improved string-to-string definition and touch sensitivity, more stable tuning and zero corrosion.
  • Titanium saddles provide the brightest tone, with the most response and clarity.
  • The low internal damping factor of Titanium, in combination with string vibration, results in improved response and dynamic touch sensitivity.
  • The synergetic effect of Titanium`s pure and natural tone provides ultra-clear note separation, and even makes chords sound more defined and full.
  • Our Titanium saddles do not alter the tonal characteristics - instead they bring out the player`s nuances by more clearly defining and transmitting the dynamics of string vibration and wood resonation.



High-quality Tune-o-matic bridge for all Les Paul™* type guitars

Compatible with post spacings from 74.0 - 74.5 mm

Features special retainer springs to prevent bridge rattle or string buzz

Saddles supplied without preconfigured string grooves allowing for individual string spacing

Slant angle to be determined by guitarmaker based on scale length and string gauge.

non-reverse: intonations screws show to the pickups
reverse: intonations screws show to the tailpiece

(*Les Paul is a protected trademark owned by Gibson Musical Instruments Corporation).


technical specification

distance height adjustment screws 74 - 74,5mm, string spacing E-e 52,5mm, string radius 12"-14" depending on the notching of the string saddles more inside (12") or outside (14"), in extreme cases still playable for fretboards from 10" - 16"; minimal G/d string height above body 13,7mm, weight 53g (70g with accessories), for lefty: yes


scope of supply

2 press-in bushings M7 with 2 height-adjustment screws M5 (metric).

For other press-in bushings and height-adjustment screws please see under Bridges/ Replacement Kits and order additionally.


technical drawings (without engagement)

1209 (pdf-file)