M6 180

M6 180


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The new M6 180 – a legend perfected


Curtain up for the M6 series: With its 1:18 gear ratio, it ensures unrivaled precision and outstanding tuning comfort. It is available in an impressive variety of designs and details.

The original M6 set a new global standard for closed tuners in 1966. Since 2017, the M6 has offered numerous improvements and innovations without losing its unique aura.

Special features

  • Their perfect functionality combined with an improved gear ratio of 1:18 ensures a precise and velvety smooth tuning process.
  • All parts are CNC-machined with high precision, surface-finished and guarantee smooth, sensitive and stable tuning thanks to the self-locking drive. 
  • We manufacture all posts from high-quality brass, they are precisely fitted into the housing and guarantee the highest possible tuning stability and freedom from wear. 
  • The innovative M6 step-washer guarantees problem-free assembly and permanently solid centering of the post.
  • All closed mechanisms are permanently lubricated with Schaller special grease and are therefore absolutely maintenance-free.

Advantages of the M6-step washers

This Schaller innovation facilitates the installation of the M6 machine head and provides additional protection for the perfect function and longevity of your tuning machine head. The additional step at the bottom of the M6 washer (with a diameter of 10 mm) reliably centers the string post via the threaded bushing and eliminates the need for a stepped hole in the headstock. This function eliminates the tilting moment and takes the pressure off both the post and the fixing screw on the back.


  1. The new M6 180 has slightly smaller housing dimension as its predecessor model, but can be easily replaced without any modifications: The "footprint" of the old original housing (slightly larger) may not be complete covered.
  2. In the configurator, you can choose between our two locking models: Locking (on the housing) or TopLocking (top of post).
  3. Fitting the TopLocking model: Please unscrew the black, knurled TopLocking sleeve as far as it will go and then pull it off. Install the mechanism on the headstock, press the TopLocking sleeve back onto the post and screw tight.

Technical specifications

  • Gear ratio: 1:18
  • Weight each single tuner with button (small/large): Metal (36 g/38 g), Perloid (30 g/31 g), Ebony (30 g/31 g)
  • Drill hole button: diameter 4.2 mm with driving surface 3.6 mm

Scope of supply

  • 6 x threaded bushings (for item selection "posts for solid headstock 14,65", these are not required and not included in scope of delivery)
  • 6 x step washers
  • 6 x mounting screws: M 2.2 x 9.5
  • Only the locking model (staggered) is supplied with 3 x 19.5 mm and 3 x 21.0 mm posts (see illustration in the configurator).

Optional accessories can be found under replacement kits for machine heads.

(Technical drawings without engagement. They show just a sample of buttons and posts. You`ll find the technical details of our posts by using the configurator chapter „posts“.) 

Technical drawings