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F-Series Standard + Locking

F-Series Standard + Locking
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We hereby declare that cancellation law shall not apply to contracts pertaining to the delivery of goods which are not ready-made like these, nor shall it apply to products which are manufactured according to the customers express wishes or specially adapted to the personal needs of the consumer and single tuners.
I have read and understood the information/ links in red and I know what a left and a right machine head/tuner is and I know that the length of the post is measured according to the pictures shown here from the bottom of the housing to the center of the hole for the strings.
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Not like the original - it's THE ORIGINAL! Original look and specs with cutting-edge... more

Not like the original - it's THE ORIGINAL!

Original look and specs with cutting-edge Schaller technology.

Exact replacement machine heads for Fender guitars with original dimensions in tried-and-tested Schaller quality.

Locking version: staggered string posts (3/3).


technical specification

gear ratio 1:18, weight 37g per piece


scope of supply

6 threaded bushings, 6 step washers


technical drawings (without engagement)

Our technical drawings show just a sample of buttons and posts. You`ll find the technical details of our posts by using the configurator chapter „posts“.

TZ_1056TZ_1101 and TZ_1102 (pdf-files)