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Da Vinci Bass

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Da Vinci™ tuning machine for electric bass – e legance in tune     ... more

Da Vinci™ tuning machine for electric bass – elegance in tune 





The Schaller Da Vinci-tuner presents a new dimension in design and tuning beavior. Its elegant shape paired with a valuable exterior once again reveal Schaller's legendary quality of materials and workmanship.

The unique window, specially hardened and UV-protected, not only provides insight into the design and functionality, but also offers the inner workings protection against harmful environmental influences. A Da Vinci tuner is always an exclusive eye-catcher, as well as being attractive and of lasting value on your exclusive instrument. It has even more to offer: 

  • While the Da Vinci™‘s unique window – specially hardened and UV-resistant – lets you enjoy the beauty of design and functionality it also protects the precious inner life from environmental influences making your Schaller Da Vinci™ a true gem and a long lasting investment.
  • But we did not stop at being pretty. The Da Vinci™ is a state-of-the-art tuning machine featuring flawless construction, ultra smooth action and unparalleled tuning stability.
  • The transparent cover plate is made of a specially developed high-quality scratch-proof polycarbonate that is also resistant to chemical cleaning agents.
  • It is also resistant to UV light and to extreme temperature changes.
  • The worm gear has been completely redesigned to provide previously unknown tuning precision in a machine head of this type. Featuring a new surface, this tunehead provides the same delicate fine tuning normally associated with enclosed greased machine heads.
  • By extensive research for new materials and optimized geometries the Schaller Da Vinci™ tuning gears allow for superiour performance without grease.
  • Another benefit of these measures is the greatly improved sound transmission and frequency coupling to the headstock.
  • Furthermore the absense of grease along with the light polycarbonat window replacing the metal cover helps to reduce overall weight.
  • This makes the Da Vinci™ not just a true style icon but a highly advanced and musical tuning machine.

Technical specifications

  • Gear ratio: 1:20
  • Weight: 65 g per single tuner

Scope of supply

  • 4 x threaded bushings
  • 4 x washers

Technical drawing (without engagement)

PDF-file download » technical drawing Da Vinci – tuning machine for electric basses