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Banjo B4 D-Tuner

Banjo B4 D-Tuner
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I have read and understood the information/ links in red and I know what a left and a right machine head/tuner is and I know that the length of the post is measured according to the pictures shown here from the bottom of the housing to the center of the hole for the strings.
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Banjo tuning peg with D-Tuner-function Pitch may be varied during play. The tuned pitch is... more

Banjo tuning peg with D-Tuner-function

Pitch may be varied during play. The tuned pitch is fixed with first the knurled screw. The second knurled screw locks the desired lower pitch of the string. After releasing the first knurled screw the tuner will rotate to the second preset pitch.

All sealed tuners are lubricated with Schaller special grease for lifetime maintenance-free service.

All parts are precision-crafted and surface-finished, the self-locking drive ensures an even, delicate and steady tuning.

All string posts are made of high-grade brass and fitted into the housing with utmost precision, ensuring the best possible tuning accuracy and wear resistance.


We supply 2 pieces with two different string posts to choose from. One of them allows you to alter the pitch by a half a tone (the thin axis) and the other means you can alter it by a whole tone (the thick axis).


Instruction for installation and use of the adjustabel banjo tuner 


Remove the second and third peg from your banjo (Standard, our D-tuners can be used for any desired string).

Now place the adjustable banjo tuner with the larger post which has the greater diameter in the hole for the second peg. If the hole is too small enlarge it with a drill Ø 10,2 mm. Attach the tuner with the hexagon nut and washer that the two side knurling screws can conveniently be reached when tuning.

Install the third tuner with the small post in the same way.



Schaller D-tuners for 5-string banjo feature upper and lower thumbscrew stops for alternate tunings in the keys of G and D. 

These special tuners are designed for installation in the banjo’s 2nd string (B) and 3rd string (G) pegholes*. 



When all four thumbscrews are loosened the tuners operate like standard banjo pegs. 

To adjust the tuning stops loosen all four thumbscrews on the side of the tuners by one-half a turn and tune the banjo to open G by, i.e. 2nd string to B and 3rd string to G. 

Now tighten the chrome thumbscrew on the 2nd string tuner and the black thumbscrew on the 3rd string tuner. This way the strings can not be tuned any higher. 

Now tune the strings down to D-tuning by lowering the 2nd string to A and the 3rd string to F#. To set the low stops tighten the black thumbscrew on the 2nd string tuner and the chrome thumbscrew on the 3rd string tuner. This way the strings cannot be tuned any lower and the tuners will function only between the high and low stops.

Switch back and forth between the D and G tuning by simply turning the appropriate pegs to the desired preset stop. 

It is important that all slots in the nut as well as on the bridge are smooth and do not bind the string. We recommend rubbing pencil lead into the slots for lubrication. 

To ensure the tuner's correct friction without slip tighten the large knurled knob on the button. 



Never try to turn the tuners beyond the preadjusted stops as this will damage the tuner's mechanism.

*9,9 mm diameter pegholes are required. If necessary the pegholes should be reamed to the proper size by an experienced repair person. 


technical specification

gear ratio 1:4, weight 60g (Perloid/Galalith) 61g (Galalith black) per single tuner, maximum string gauge 34, for headstock thickness of 13 - 19 mm


scope of supply

2 banjo machine heads, 2 threaded bushings, 2 washers


technical drawings (without engagement)

1042 (pdf-file)