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1.) I don't know which Schaller products are suitable for my guitar.

  • Please use our technical drawings, on which all installation sizes can be found. Then, compare them to your guitar and to the machine heads, bridges, etc. with which it is fitted at present.
  • Of course, we don't have absolutely every type of guitar on our premises to be able to immediately check which Schaller products will fit your particular guitar.
  • Since the first guitar was invented, thousands of designs have been made, and no reliable data bank exists to date from which their dimensions can be sourced.
  • For this reason, please use the technical drawings, which we have provided for every product. These show you, in a very simple way, whether our Schaller product has the correct dimensions to fit your guitar.
  • In addition to all dimensions, these technical drawings also include adjustments options, installation measurements, functional dimensions, etc.

You can find our technical drawings in our Schaller Shop under the product description.

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