LockMeister® 7

LockMeister® 7

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Schaller LockMeister® 7-string tremolo – beyond your expectations 


As the sole manufacturer of the world‘s most renowned double locking tremolo we felt it was time to push the envelope. Proudly introducing the new Schaller LockMeister® Tremolo! Along with Schaller‘s famed precision the new LockMeister® Tremolo offers a second to none C45-steel ground plate, forged and hardened in Germany, resulting in improved sound and sustain as well as superior tremolo performance and intonation.
New technologies enabled us to craft all components in unprecedented tolerances giving the Schaller LockMeister® Tremolo a sublime level of workmanship and longterm quality. But our attention to detail did not stop here. Performing meticulous assessments made us identify the perfect choice of pivot screws and tremolo springs. Through more rigorous testing we learned how all burnished surfaces were prone to corrosion. That‘s why all studs, inserts and screws of our new Schaller LockMeister® Tremolo now feature black-zinc and black-chrome finishes for improved look, touch and durability. All this resulting in our world famous Schaller longevity.

Tremolo mounting is done with special mounting studs and threaded metric inserts. These are provided with a fine thread. Optionally, we also offer height-adjustable wood screws for direct mounting into the wooden body. In this case, the insert is not required.

The dimensions of our Tremolo LockMeister® are exactly the same as the dimensions of the Floyd Rose Tremolo. You can easily replace your Floyd Rose Tremolo with our new LockMeister® Tremolo. This also applies to all replacement parts! 

The back of the saddles are numbered with 0,1 and 2.

0 is for the A, D and g strings, 1 is for the E and b strings and the number 2 is for both B and e strings.

The extended thread length of the fine-tuner screw delivers a wider tuning range.

Technical specifications

  • Baseplate, saddles and locking nut from hardened steel
  • Distance height adjustment screws: 85.1 mm
  • Size press-in bushing: 10 mm
  • String spacing (E-e): 64.8 mm
  • Slideway intonation: 8,5 mm
  • Weight: 480 g with block length 37 mm
  • Weight only Tremoloblock: 32mm: 101g, 37mm: 119g, 42mm: 135g
  • Maximum string gauge: 0.080
  • Tremolo radius of the saddles: 20"
  • Tremolo block (Brass): with 3 fixing screws at a distance of 17 mm 
  • The saddles are marked with dots. The saddles are mounted on the baseplate from the outside with increasing numerical values to the inside. The saddles outside for the E and e-strings have no dot. For example, the strings A and h could have one dot and the two inner saddles D + G two dots.

Scope of supply

  • 1 x locking nut complete with 2 pairs of mounting screw
  • 1 x string retainer with mounting screws 2.2 x 16 mm
  • 1 x tremolo claw complete with mounting screws 4.2 x 45 mm and 3 tremolo springs
  • 2 x mounting studs M7 x 0.5 with 2 threaded bushings diameter 10 mm
  • 3 x allen keys (2.0/2.5/3.0 mm)
  • 1 x tremoloblock according to selected length 

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