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Oyster S/P

Oyster S/P
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Oyster S/P (single/plug) 1 Oyster Piezopickup with plug for exterior mounting. Our... more

Oyster S/P (single/plug)

1 Oyster Piezopickup with plug for exterior mounting.

Our Oyster pickups give your instrument a natural, warm, full sound instantly, without active switching or preamps. No battery is required.

The outstanding sound is realized through the perfect interplay of the membrane and the piezo.

All Oyster models are fixed to the instrument with double sided adhesive tape which do not damage the surface of the instrument.

Cable lengths: 320 cm

With a high-quality 1/4" jack socket including cable strain relief, screw nozzle and strap button. Professional quality, secure mounting and perfect shielding make the Oyster pickup all the more valuable!

Our Oyster pickups have a capacity of 74 pF. We recommend a minimum output impedance of 1 (to 5) MOhm.

In principle you can use our Oyster for all different kinds of instruments. The sound depends on the position at your instrument, please try! 

Recommended installation:

As the resonance and build of guitars varies, you need to find out the ideal positioning of the pickup on your instrument. In practice, the following three positioning options are the most common:

  1. Under the strings, in front of the bridge, between the second and the third treble string (B and G)
  2. Directly onto the treble side of the bridge
  3. Behind the bridge on the treble side

Models which have two capsules are positioned so that the second capsule is placed close to the bass strings. The control box should always be affixed using double sided adhesive tape and positioned so that it is easy to reach while playing. 

Removing the pickup:

Carefully remove the pickup without putting any strain on the cable. You can loosen the pickup more easily by turning the capsule from side to side (clockwise and anticlockwise). When you have removed the capsule, you can remove any remaining self-adhesive material with a little guitar polish. 

Oyster position strong playing:

For powerful playing that includes percussive elements played on the guitar’s top attach Oyster piezo elements underneath the top in a straight line with the bridge and close to the sides. 

Oyster position normal playing:

For normal or lighter playing attach Oyster piezo elements left and right directly underneath the bridge. 

technical specification

weight 78g

Resonance frequency: 6.0kHz ±0.5kHz
Max. Resistance (Zr): 500Ω
Capacity: 14000nF ± 30%nF 

scope of supply

4adhesive tape

Special double-sided adhesive tape, can be removed from the wood without leaving any residue.


technical drawings (without engagement)

1605A (pdf-file)