Vintage Tremolo Right powered by KTS (Strat style saddles)

Vintage Tremolo Right powered by KTS (Strat style saddles)

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Schaller Vintage tremolo equipped with vintage Style KTS saddles (Strat style, PR-04)

  • Titanium - very light, durable, resistant to corrosion and chemical agents, and with a very sweet yet detailed, highly musical tone
  • Expect longer sustain, clearer note separation, improved string-to-string definition and touch sensitivity, more stable tuning and zero corrosion.
  • Titanium saddles provide the brightest tone, with the most response and clarity.
  • The low internal damping factor of Titanium, in combination with string vibration, results in improved response and dynamic touch sensitivity.
  • The synergetic effect of Titanium`s pure and natural tone provides ultra-clear note separation, and even makes chords sound more defined and full.
  • Our Titanium saddles do not alter the tonal characteristics - instead they bring out the player`s nuances by more clearly defining and transmitting the dynamics of string vibration and wood resonation.

It is also a perfect replacement for Fender® Stratocaster®* tremolos.

Tremolo mounting is done with special mounting studs and threaded metric insertsThese are provided with a fine thread. Optionally, we also offer height adjustable wood screws for direct mounting into the wooden body. In this case, the insert is not required.

(* Fender® and Stratocaster®* are registered trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.) 

Technical specifications

  • Distance height adjustment screws: 74.3 mm
  • Size press-in bushing: 10 mm
  • String spacing: 10,8 mm
  • String spacing (E-e): 54 mm
  • Slideway intonation: 12.0 mm
  • Weight: 327 g with block length 37 mm

Scope of supply

  • 1 x tremolo claw complete with 2 mounting screws 4.2 x 45 mm and 3 tremolo springs
  • 2 x mounting studs with 2 threaded bushings
  • 1 x Tremoloblock according to selected length

(Technical drawings without engagement)

Technical drawings