GrandTune Single guitar and ukulele

GrandTune Single guitar and ukulele

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GrandTune Single: tuning machine head for guitar and ukulele


With the Schaller GrandTune  we have created the ultimate combination of stylish vintage design, accurate tuning and velvety smooth performance. A perfected, classic tuning machine for guitars, as open-gear tuner.

Its 1:18 gear ratio offers unsurpassed precision and durability. The avoidance of synthetic coatings makes it a perfectly resonant unit on any instrument. With its wear-free interaction it will shine and sound as long as your finest guitars. Experience for yourself how sound quality, tuning stability and performance find unity in these machine heads.

Special features

  • Ultra-precise fits and contact surfaces, without polymer coating, produce perfect adhesive lubricity, free from wear or aging.
  • The mechanism provides permanently locked, sealed and sealed screw connections, for maintenance and wear free performance.
  • For the development, the common dimensions of series instruments were taken into account to guarantee trouble-free installation or replacement.

Technical specifications 

  • Gear ratio: 1:18, ensures exact and velvety tuning
  • Weight single tuner: 18 g (Koa), 19 g (Perloid), 20 g (Galalith or Ebony), 21 g (Snakewood), 25 g (Butterbean)
  • Button dimensions in mm (WxHxD): 20.4 x 13.8 x 10.4 mm (Butterbean), 17.6 x 13.7 x 6.1 mm all others

Scope of delivery:

  • 2 x mounting screws each single tuner: M2.2 x 11
  • 1 x press-in bushing each single tuner, hexagonal design, for mounting on solid headstocks, with outer diameter 8.8 mm, inner diameter 6.1 mm, suitable for 6.0 mm posts.
  • No bushings are required for slotted headstock GT-models (these are not included in the scope of delivery)!
Please note:

Always use the original GrandTune bushings. The inner diameter is worked exactly for the 6 mm posts and gives the worm gear an exact alignment. Bushings with a larger inner diameter inevitably destroy the worm gear over time.

Optional accessories: press-in bushings with 8.8 or 10 mm

For different drill hole diameters on headstocks, you will find common press-in bushings in a hexagonal (with 8.8 mm diameter) and a round design (with 8.8 and 10 mm) here: replacement kits for machine heads.

Expanding the drillhole diameter for press-in bushings:

If the tuner hole is too small, it is recommended to enlarge the diameter to the appropriate size. Always use a reamer to avoid splinters on the surface of the wood, or have the tuner installed by an instrument maker. Reamers for different diameters are available from Stewart MacDonald for example: peghead bushing reamers

Advantage of string roller deluxe posts on nylon string guitars:

Compared to regular string roller posts, the string roller deluxe post features a special ball bearing at the end of the post. They eliminate a known problem of classical guitar machine heads and thus allow frictionless and noiseless tuning.

Due to the ball bearing diameter of 10.0 mm and the post diameter of 9.8 mm, the post runs freely and unhindered on the bearing inside the headstock drilling. There is no longer any frictional resistance between the post and the wood. Cracking and creaking noises are thus effectively avoided.

See also our other GrandTune designs for western and steel string guitars, classical guitars, electric guitars, archtops (jazz/thinline), resonator guitars, ukuleles or mandolins. 

(Technical drawings without engagement. Our technical drawings show just a sample of buttons and posts. You'll find more technical details about your posts by using the selection "posts" of the configurator.)

Technical drawings