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Flagship -   Sounds you never thought possible     ... more

Flagship - Sounds you never thought possible





With this new and groundbreaking Class A preamp your music has never sounded better. Clear smooth highs, soulful mids and bodacious bass combined with an impressive dynamic range of 115dB will lead your inspiration to new levels.

With a true bandwidth of 1Hz to 20kHz at +/- 0 dB our state-of-the-art FlagShip circuitry provides unprecedented signal fidelity along with exceptional operational convenience.

And because of FlagShip‘s leading-edge Rail to Rail technology a single 9V alcaline battery will provide you with 1.000+ hours of play time.

Enjoy a self-sensing circuitry automatically switching in mono- or stereo-operation respectively by sensing which kind of chord you plugged in. In addition the FlagShip preamp offers an ultra-silent operation with a signal to noise-ratio of -115dB and a noise floor of just 20 dBV while Schaller‘s own FlagShip gold-contact 5-way Megaswitch lets you choose from a vast variety of piezo and magnetic switching-options and –combinations never seen in any preamp before.

Please find our installation guide with all information in detail under Operating Instructions/Flagship.


technical specification

weight 44g (106g with accessories)


scope of supply

1 stereo jack, 1 piezo volume control, 1 FlagShip 5-way Megaswitch or 3-way rotary switch, 1 battery clip, 2 mounting screws, 1 adhesive pad for mounting the FlagShip unit, 1 9-pin connector, 1 screwdriver for green crimp connectors


technical drawings (without engagement)

1601 (pdf-file)