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SureClaw – the patented tremolo spring tensioner for electric guitars!

Developed for guitarists who use a spring-loaded tremolo with tremolo block on their electric guitar, such as those fitted to Fender Stratocaster*, LockMeister or Floyd Rose guitars*.

The Schaller Sure Claw allows quick and easy adjustment and fixing of the correct spring tension without having to remove the cover plate.

(* Fender® and Stratocaster® are registered trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. / Floyd Rose® is a registered trademark of Floyd Rose Marketing.)

The most important features at a glance

  • Simple horizontal mounting with two screws
  • Easy to adjust thanks to worm drive
  • Simultaneous parallel adjustment of the spring claw by means of worm drive
  • Easy readjustment with an Allen key through the closed cover plate of the tremolo chamber.

Eliminates problems such as:

  • Extra long drill holes in the guitar body
  • Excessive force and worn screw heads of the fastening screws due to jammed screwdrivers
  • Risk of injury and damage to the guitar
  • Constant tedious mounting and dismounting of the spring chamber cover

Technical specifications 

  • Weight: 94 g
  • Holds up to three tremolo springs
  • Dimension (WxDxH): 52 x 14.4 x 42 mm

Scope of delivery

  • 2 x mounting screws M3.5 x 25 mm (shorten if necessary)
  • 1 x pin for anchoring
  • 1 x Allen key 3 mm

The difference: Schaller Sure Claw vs Vintage Tremolo Claw

The Vintage Tremolo Claw

Vintage tremolo claws made of bent sheet metal are usually mounted in the body wall using two long wood screws, creating a floating suspension. The spring preload can be changed via the screw-in depth. If the screws are too long, this can lead to damage to the pickup via the screw-in depth, for example. Regular readjustment increasingly damages the bolt head and widens the bolt hole. Crooked threads can lead to a gap between left and right springs with uneven loading: The Vintage Claw then no longer sits parallel and the strings go out of tune when the tremolo is operated.

The Schaller Sure Claw

The Sure Claw is simply mounted flush and parallel in the tremolo compartment using two fixing screws, which guarantees an absolutely firm connection to the body. Up to three tremolo springs can be attached to the claw to create the connection to the tremolo.
The spring preload is adjusted via two worm threads running precisely in the Sure Claw using a 3 mm Allen key (included). An additional hole in the cover plate allows immediate adjustment without additional assembly work.
The claw is made of steel, brass and zinc. Once fitted, this rock-solid connection helps to improve tuning stability and at the same time supports the sustain of the electric guitar.

Tips for installing a Schaller Sure Claw

  • Before mounting, check the wall thickness between the spring chamber (back of the body) and the top (front of the body), as this can vary depending on the manufacturer.
  • The mounting screws point towards the guitar top. If there is no drill hole yet, drill it depending on the wood used and observe the correct depth to avoid drilling through the top or top routings. If necessary, use a shorter mounting screw such as the 25 mm supplied (or shorten it).
  • For earthing, strip an earth cable coming from the bridge, fan out the stranded wire and position it between the base plate of the Sure Claw and the body wood. 
  • Now screw the Sure Claw to the base of the spring chamber, tightening it will connect the earth cable. This creates a secure and permanent ground connection.

Where should the fine adjustment hole for the hexagon socket be drilled in the cover plate?

To enable you to drill the correct hole for inserting the hexagon socket, the Claw comes with a mandrel as a marking aid.

  1. First insert the spike with the tip pointing upwards into the hexagon socket of the assembled claw.
  2. Now place the cover plate precisely on the mounting points of the tremolo chamber of the body base. As soon as you tighten the fixing screws slightly, the mandrel will center the correct position for the drill hole in the body cover. Then remove the mandrel.
  3. drill the marked hole at the cover marking to insert the 3 mm Allen key.
  4. now close the cover and your Claw is ready for use. The spring preload can now be easily adjusted from the outside through the hole with the hexagon socket, without any additional assembly work.

PDF-file download (technical drawing without engagement)